Sidney Bechet Society Concerts

Sidney Bechet Society concertThe Sidney Bechet Society has been producing concerts since 1997. We’ve had musicians from all over the United States and numerous foreign countries including Australia, Israel, Italy, France, Great Britain, Canada, Sweden and Brazil. The age ranges have spanned from nonagenarians (Benny Waters, Johnny Blowers, Babe Wallace) to teenager (Jonathan Russell) and to wee youngsters (The Young Jazee Vibes). We also featured a few musicians who performed with Sidney Bechet (Bob Wilber, Arvell Shaw, Sol Yaged and George Wein).

For more detailed information, see the list of all those wonderful musicians and dancers who have graced the stages for a Sidney Bechet Society concert, or the list of venues where the Sidney Bechet Society has presented concerts.  Also, view our archive of the past concerts: